It’s 7 a.m. and 48°. Plan to spend Sunday Funday outside? Better bring a sweater. It will be a sunny, cool Sunday today with temperatures staying below 60° and lows in the upper 40s.

If you’re opting instead for a lazy Sunday, check out the most recent episode of This American Life. Comedian Chris Garcia, who once did a standup act almost entirely about the Mission, was a guest on the show, MissionMission reports.

For the hard-news minded, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city is “working aggressively” to find medical examiners. The office has only two examiners to form autopsies on the 1,200 homicides, accidents and unattended deaths that the office investigates per year.

In another Chronicle story, Mission District Supervisor David Campos says the signature piece of legislation he passed since he took office in December 2008 is the creation of the program to give free Muni rides to low-income youth. Do you think it was worth it?