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It is 7:00 a.m. and 53° and clear. The temperature will be warming up nicely to a high of 70° at 1:00 pm, and sunshine all day. Details for the next ten days are here.

Apparently it’s list-making season for the urban journalists of the world. In addition to our recent ranking as the second most walkable city in the nation, San Francisco was also just ranked the third best city to live in for people under 35. The survey specifically cited our public transit, high average salaries, numerous laundromats, and the prevalence of both cheap takeout food and marijuana.

Hopefully adding to that livability, the city of San Francisco has received as $1 million grant to place more police officers on Muni. The extra money should allow the SFPD to commit 10,000 more hours of police time to public transit.

If you’re looking around your neighborhood and wondering where all those police hours are going, a group of UCLA students have designed an interactive map that attempts to show security around the city. Mapping quality of life crimes, demographics, and police violence by neighborhood, the Home.Land.Security map, as it is called, paints a seldom seen portrait of the city. While the Mission ranks 30/36 for neighborhood safety, we come in quite low for police harassment and shootings.

Looking for something a little different this weekend? Check out the comedy showcase at the Cynic Cave in Lost Weekend Video. This week’s lineup includes Derek Sheen (who’s been doing great observational bits about our American culture for years), Casey Ley, Land Smith, Christopher John, Nathan Habib. The show is $10 and starts at 8:00pm tonight.

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