Shooting at 21st and Folsom

Monday afternoon at 12:59 p.m. a man was shot in the shoulder at 21st Street and Folsom and was transported to San Francisco General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. According to police, a man in his 40s approached the victim on the sidewalk and shot him after an argument.

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  1. Rickshaw

    The victim lives in the decrepit house next to the laundromat that is the source of so many problems on this block. Same place that was raided by swat team a few months back. Where neighborhood thugs, drug dealers and chronic drunks live and do thier business. I fail to see why the police don’t recognize this and watch this house.

    • Albert Downing

      New to the hood are ya? Been like that for decades

      • Jules

        Then it’s long overdue for a change.

        • For the same reason they failed to respond to help all my Latinos and blacks when you’re white people were beating on them raping them and taking their civil rights away. If you don’t like the neighborhood then move out there’s plenty of other neighborhoods have you heard percidio and laurel heights? you can leave those no reason why you should be in this neighborhood if you don’t like what’s here. Also try to remember that they were there first not you, go back home.

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