The Mission's own Dandelion Chocolate participated in this week's OpenCo.

It’s a private peek most people don’t get every day. But thanks to OpenCo, a festival of sorts that’s putting a new spin on the old idea of a business conference, San Francisco businesses at the edge of innovation opened their doors to 3,700 people late last week. As Reuters reports, attendees — from entrepreneurs to investors to job-seekers — got an inside look at 135 companies, including Google, SoundCloud, SideCar and Dropbox. Companies got the opportunity to scope out talent and gather feedback, while attendees got the chance to walk through doors that aren’t normally quite so wide open.

Lynne Shallcross

Lynne Shallcross was stressed and tired after walking three miles without finding an open community clinic. “Is this what it's like for Mission residents who work full-time?” she wondered. Having walked...

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