Murder Victim Cesar Bermudez is Remembered

Cesar Bermudez in 2010 at the age of 16 posing during a Conscious Youth Media Crew video shoot.

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With two slices of Pizza in her hand, Esperanza Bermudez negotiates her way across half-a-dozen tables inside a busy dinning room at the Boys and Girls Club. On this Thursday evening she is behaving more like a host to a party than a grieving mother who lost her 19-year-old son exactly one year ago.

A friend of Cesar Bermudez waits for mass to begin at the St. Charles Church.

A friend of Cesar Bermudez waits for mass to begin at the St. Charles Church.

Feeding family and friends of the deceased on his death anniversary is true to their Mexican heritage. But in many ways, this day feels like any other for her and her family since her youngest son, Cesar Bermudez, was gunned down near 24th and Harrison streets.   His father is still working 7-days-a-week as a restaurant cook, his three older sisters are raising six of his nieces and nephews – two of whom he never met– and his mother still calls the homicide inspector daily.

“I don’t just think about him today, I think about him everyday,” Esperanza said. “I didn’t want this day to come.”

More than 100 people attended a Catholic mass and a dinner to commemorate Bermudez death on Thursday. He was one of three people shot and killed within an eight-day span last October.

Born and raised in the Mission District, Cesar, or “Weeble,” as his friends used to call him, went to John O’Connell high school and worked part time with the Department of Public Works. He liked the Giants, rap music, his friends, and tamales. The latter were served after mass on Thursday.  It was a meal that paid tribute to him. It is what he had asked for on his 19th birthday.

Gustavo Bermudez, his father, hasn’t been able to find closure.

“As a father you never want to bury your own son,” he said. “One doesn’t feel happy until they punish whoever did this.”

The motives for his death are unknown to the family. Detectives have told the family that they have a lead, however no arrests have been announced. While the family wants justice, what they miss the most is a parental figure for their sons and daughters.

“The day before he died I asked him to take care of my son, and he just said ‘I got you,’” said Margarita Bermudez, his oldest sister.

Back at the Boys and Girls Club, children wearing shirts with photos of Bermudez, are playing video games and foosball while others share stories of him.

Arturo Moreno, 19, a longtime friend of Bermudez recalls that they were supposed to watch the Giants play in the World Series.

“It feels like it was just yesterday,” he said. “I would walk with him everywhere because I didn’t want him to walk alone.”

Jaqueline Bermudez, 23, is unhappy that the press has labeled him a gang member who had it coming.

“We don’t want anymore violence,” she said. “Whether you’re in a gang or not, no ones deserves to be killed like that.”

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  1. nfs

    In a gang or associated with one, then you brought that on yourself. Pity the parents didn’t intervene to keep him out of a gang. Thankfully no innocent bystanders appear to have been hurt. Sympathy level on a 1-10 scale is about a 2.

    • Jennifer

      Wat to u mean by ur negative comment I hope one day u don’t lose one of ur love ones because I don’t know the pain u heart less er stop putting negative comments on here step up n show ur self

    • Jacqueline

      Apparently you don’t understand what I meant my brother was not a gang member and I was trying to tell all of you that why would they label my brother as a gang member when he was not one. And second yes thank god no one else was hurt and please all your negative comments to yourself just know this could as well happen to one of yours and yes no one deserves to have their life taken away wether your a gang member homeless anything god takes us when it’s our time not when some heartless person decides to

      • I’m afraid you have your information very messed up. he was a gang member, a known gang member, sold drugs and had guns he was weeble from 21st and Alabama (ablh) he was a great guy, a good friend to many, but he was always known to have a gun. His death was retaliation for when he shot someone else, it was all internal norteno beef and no surenos were involved. If you put your ears to the streets then you will find out but otherwise nobodies told the police but everyone knows who was involved.

        • Jacqueline

          No I’m sorry I think it’s you with the wrong information where do you get all this lies from or who is saying or making all this stories up. I’m
          Feel sorry for who ever told you this that’s a lie we have spoke to the police and investigators my brother was no a gang member or sold drugs and he did not carry a gun the Gun that was found was the gun of the person who kill him your the wrong with the wrong info

  2. Soydela. Mission

    Jennifer and Jacqueline so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Taken so soon.
    NSF… That’s an uncalled thing for you to say. Obviously you tip the scale on ignorance and insensitivity. This might just happen to you or a loved one. Bullets don’t come with name tags.

  3. Neighbor

    It’s very sad that a 19 year old has been murdered…we truly need to look at all sides of this…….was it random that he was standing in an area where drugs have been sold for years? Is it random that his friends that morn him are involved with drug dealing?

    Those that morn him have been associated with other shootings on the block – is that random?

    Those that are associated with drug dealing on the block live with a variety of adults – grandparents, parents, uncles – there are lots of people in the house but no one in the house seems to care/be aware that their sons are dealing drugs, their associates are being shot on the street these boys live on……does anyone connect the dots in those homes? The neighbors do….

    It is difficult to see the morning and the altars and the anniversaries….and to also see the same people managing the drug dealing in between the morning, around the altar and in between anniversaries….

    • Jacqueline

      Maybe if you want to see It that way but if drugs are sold there that don’t make him a drug dealer and second any one could have Friends that are involved in gangs don’t make you one what I’m trying to make you understand my brother was not in a gang and no he his death was nothing personal

      • Carlos

        Standing on the corner doesn’t make him a drug dealer or a gang member but some bad people out there may assume that he was and that definately put him in great danger. Unfortunately, at the wrong place at the wrong time!

    • It is difficult to see you demonize somebody on a culture you don’t understand. You live perfectly safe because the color of your skin you can walk in the street without having to be in a gang, unfortunately the lives that people live over here or not like that. the lives are very hard complex people come from broken homes, broken neighborhoods and if you don’t join gangs you can 1. be killed 2.get beat up every single day of your life and 3. even be killed for no reason. Every day people here are beat on and look down upon by the police weather they are hard-working citizens or whether they are gang members, they are all looked at and treated the same.everything in this neighborhood, this culture is the reason why people are the way they are and people like you don’t help because all you did was move into this neighborhood because you saw cheap housing and now you’re complaining about what you moved into you should of had the foresight to move into an expensive neighborhood like the Richmond Seacliff area instead of staying in the mission and judging the people, the culture, and the lifestyle. You honestly have no value to this neighborhood and do nothing for this community all you do is go online and talk bad about dead people and raise the prices on everything in this neighborhood. I’m going to tell you what a white cop told me the first time I walked into a nice neighborhood, “why dont you turn around and go back where you came from because you don’t belong here” your community and your people have made the quality of lives of every minority in San Francisco horrible, your people have taken everything nice in San Francisco, everything nice in this country and this world And still want to take this one neighborhood away from those who don’t have anything else, shame on you.

  4. Carlos

    This happens way too much… I grew up and have lived in the Mission all of my life… A lot of my friends have been beat up and a few have been murdered. Some of them never had parental guidance because their parents had to work 2 full time jobs, some parents allowed their children to hang out on the streets and to do dumb things because “their young and it’s ok”, some parents are just simply ignorant or don’t want to assume the responsability of being a role model to their children.

    A few of the kids that I grew up with dressed and acted like”Cholos” because it made them look cool and they wanted to be popular with the ladies. Many of them had no affiliation with a gang but they still dressed, walked, and acted like one. My parents never allowed me to hang out with them because a real gang member from the other side “sureños” will assume that if someone is dressed like a “Norteño” then he must be a norteño. Someone who is out there to attack a rival isn’t going to take the time to ask if you are really in a rival gang or you just dress like one.

    I’m not saying that is the case with this young man, actually I can’t say anything about this case because I didn’t know the young man so I have no right to make any assumptions. Only his family knows what scenarios could have unfolded.

  5. Jennifer

    Wat don’t u keep ur negative comments to ur self all u white people act like u don’t do drugs please shut up

  6. From the Mission but moved out the hood!

    Jacqueline, seems like your in denial. Seems like your boy was a known Norteno or at very least hanged out with some Nortenos. And to be killed by a fellow Norteno is definitely some inner gang conflicts and not a random act of violence because of mistaken identity or wrong colored hat. That being said, what Mission District Hispanic youth isnt associated with gangs? The Mission culture is very much gang related.

    • Jacqueline

      No sorry I’m not in denial I know the truth and perhaps you seem to know everything supposedly so well then how come you haven’t spoke to the investigators? Your putting everything out there who’s to say you were not involved as well

      • Jacqueline

        And you know we can go back and fourth with this nothing will bring my brother back please just let my brother rest in peace who ever did this God will punish him
        And if you do assume you know something would be nice if you would speak to the investigators aside of my brother being the victim no ones deserves to get their lives taken away no one and if theirs a killer on the lose they need to get caught

  7. Jennifer

    It seems like u guys act like u know my brother more than us I guess if love with u guys for is 19 yrs as his sister I know him better than all of u people we knew who my bother was some of u seem to think u know everything why he got kill then why don’t u call the investigators and help out with the investigation

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