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Hey Missionites! We’ve got a project for you. And it involves a cash prize, so you’re gonna want to read on.

If you live or work in the Mission, you’re no stranger to the buses run by Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, and Genentech that pick up techies and scientists to schlep them down the 101 to and from work each day.

But here’s the problem. Those buses? They’re boh-ring. Don’t they look like big canvases just waiting to be painted on? We think they do.

So here’s where you come in, Mission Local readers. The neighborhood is full of techies, scientists and artists (and plenty who are all three). We’ve decided it’s time for those worlds to collide and create.

So we’re launching an unauthorized contest to decorate those anonymous, tinted shuttles and convince them all to turn the buses into moving murals.

Doesn't this bus just beg to be designed? Photo by Paul Sullivan

Doesn’t this bus just beg to be designed? Photo by Paul Sullivan

And here’s the part about the cash prize: Thanks to an anonymous donor, Mission Local is offering $500 to the winning proposal!

Deadline? Dec. 31 Submit your best sketches, ideas or anything you think will win to submissions@missionlocal.org. We’ll post ideas online as they come in.

Now get going! Make those buses beautiful…and make yourself $500 richer. We can’t wait to see your zany, inspiring creations.