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Eviction stories seem to be everywhere in this city, but the story of the Lee family has particularly evoked sympathy and anger. For 34 years Poon Heung Lee and Gum Gee Lee, now 80 and 74, lived in a low rent apartment with their mentally disabled daughter. After a long fight, the Lee’s were evicted from their Nob Hill apartment on Tuesday.

A staple of the Mission District is facing a similar situation. René Yañez, founder and curator of the Mission Cultural Center and Galería de la Raza, has been served an Ellis Act eviction despite suffering from terminal cancer. See Mission Local’s article on Yañez for the full story. On Saturday, Brava Theater on 24th Street will be hosting a fundraiser to benefit René Yañez and Yolanda Lopez, and to help with their legal and moving expenses. Tickets are available here.

The Bay Area Science Festival begins today and is hosting a ton of events throughout the city. As part of the festival, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich will be performing Radiolab Live along with comedian Reggie Watts. The show isn’t until November, but you might want to consider getting your tickets now. Acclaimed storytelling group, The Moth, is also hosting an event.