A man sits next to a bright beach umbrella.
A beautiful day at Dolores Park. Photo by Alexandra Garretón.

It’s 7 a.m, 58° and it will be mostly sunny  with a high of 74°. This looks like our last warm day for awhile — things are going to stay at or below 70° for the next 10 days. Brrr! Check out the extended forecast here.

Five-inch heels and a wide-brimmed purple hat decorate an elusive street artist whose “pin-up” and retro- style stencils can be seen all over the Mission. She’s known as “Eclair Bandersnatch” but her real name is unknown. Read more about this mysterious graffiti-artist-with-flair in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In peaceful defiance, a three-hour “chess-in” was held yesterday on Market Street where the ancient game was banned and confiscated last month. Police said they had to stop illegal gambling and drug-dealing and the game of chess was being used as a cover-up. Read more about the playful protest at SF Gate.

In case you missed last night’s striking sunset, 10 different photographers from all over the city captured it for you. You can see a couple romantic shots of the Mission with the setting sun splashed across old Victorian facades at MissionMission.

Alexandra Garretón

Alexandra Garreton, 26, enjoys living in a neighborhood where she can use her Spanish on a daily basis. Garreton moved to the Mission in August, and has been intrigued by the welcoming nature of the eclectic...

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