Feeding the birds at 16th and Mission. Photo by Greta Mart.

It was a relatively quiet weekend in the Mission, so much of our coverage documented daily life, including photo slideshows spanning 12 hours at 16th and Mission, a day with a street sweeper and candid moments on MUNI.

We also took a look back at the Mission’s past through old restaurant menus.

To celebrate Park(ing) Day 2013 last Friday, several parks popped up on Valencia.

And here are a few of our favorite SNAPS:

Disguise Depot

Man of Distinction

Mission Buddha

The Mission in a Gumball Machine

Mark Kurlyandchik

He once tried to sell homemade sauerkraut. Now, Mark Kurlyandchik, a lifelong foodie from a Russian family of small business owners, writes about the business of food. He’s excited to explore how immigrant...

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