En route to her hairdresser, Trista Winn, 30, was carrying hair extensions in her bag (bought in Japan.) "I'm adding length and coloring my hair mint today," she said. She was wearing NARS lipstick, a leopard skirt from Target's kids section and a pleather jacket from London.

Sarah McClure

Sarah McClure loves the colorful writing, and opportunity to connect to larger issues, that Arts & Culture reporting allows—she reads the Times’ Art Beat often. Here, she’s experiencing art on...

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  1. mission stye doesn’t include mexicans anymore?

    repeal prop 13 and uber tax ALL ABSENTEE LANDLORDS NOW!

    lordy lordy pleeze grant us a devastating tech crash! if you can’t pull one of those off, a big earthquake will do!

  2. is this mission local or the mission of moving the local? from which perspective this style is, the gentrification one?
    The mission is a multicultural neighbor not just a hipster one .

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