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It’s 7 a.m. and a chilly 50°F. But have no fear, today will warm up to a rosy 72°F. More weather details here.

Yesterday Judah Schiller performed a cycling “miracle” when he fitted his bicycle atop a raft and rode on water, cruising from Oakland to San Francisco across the Bay just in time for San Francisco’s 21st Critical Mass. While the four-mile trip only took an hour, Schiller hopes to have 500 cyclists join next year when he does it again. Read more about Schiller’s adventures here.

On the hunt to detain two suspects involved in Wednesday night’s AT&T Park fatal stabbing, the San Francisco Police Department is combing the community for videos of the attack — either from cell phones of bystanders or surveillance from abutting businesses — reported SFist yesterday. A four-man group of Giants fans attacked two Dodgers fans at Wednesday’s game.

Supporters of the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 jumped for joy yesterday when the new voter initiative to legalize marijuana in California was cleared for signature by Secretary of State Debra Bowen, reports NBC Bay Area. Supporters must collect 504,760 signatures by February 24th in order to grab a spot on the November 2014 ballot.

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Courtney Quirin is a trained wildlife ecologist turned environmental journalist with a knack for photography and visual storytelling. Though her interests span many topics and disciplines, she's particularly keen on capturing multimedia stories pertaining to the global wildlife trade, human-wildlife relationships, food security, international development and the effects of global markets on local environments and cultural fabric. Courtney completed a MSc in Wildlife Management at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where she not only learned how to catch and tag fur seals (among many things) but also traveled to the highlands of Ethiopia to identify the nature and extent of farmer-primate conflict and its linkages to changes in political regime, land tenure, food security, and perceptions of risk. From New Zealand Courtney landed at The Ohio State University to investigate urban coyotes for her PhD, but just shy of 2 years deep into the degree, she realized that her true passions lie within investigative journalism. Since moving into the world of journalism, Courtney has been a contributor to Bay Nature Magazine, a ghostwriter for WildAid, and the science writer for While at Berkeley's J-School Courtney will focus on international environmental reporting through the lens of documentary filmmaking and TV.

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