It’s 7 a.m. and a cool 62° with highs expected to reach 71°. Keep the sandals on, because the weather is going to stay more or less the same for the next 10 days. Details here.

Syria Synthesized: Today President Obama will address U.S. citizens about the growing crisis in Syria in an attempt to convince Congress to support military intervention. Feeling confused about what’s going on? Listen to yesterday’s KQED Forum segment on Syria and the White House. Last night, several peace vigils sprung up throughout the Bay Area in anticipation of Obama’s speech. The Chronicle reports that Bay Area Democrats are reluctant to give Obama authorization to attack Syria.

This morning at the Castro Mission Health Center, Giants pitcher Sergio Romo will talk about the unique health challenges that face the Latino population in California. He’ll be joined by Supervisor David Campos and three public health representatives. According to the event’s press release,

Latinos are affected by pertussis at disproportionately higher rates than the general population. Of the 10 deaths in 2010 from pertussis, nine were Latino infants. The Latino community also struggles with high rates of diabetes and lack of access to services. Health care reform changes that are being implemented next year could improve access and the health of Latinos in San Francisco and California.

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