Bills for Facebook CEO’s $10-Million Home Keep Coming

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that renovations at Mark Zuckerberg’s Dolores Heights home will cost the Facebook CEO more than he had planned. City records show that the billionaire and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have taken out the five permits below this year:

— A $720,000 addition of a first-floor office, media room, half-bathroom, mud room, laundry room, wine room and wet bar. Plus, a new second floor half-bathroom and remodel of the second, third and fourth floors.

— $750,000 in other additions to the lower floors, as well as a new roof and windows and reconfigured landscaping.

— A $65,000 kitchen and bathroom remodel.

— A $60,000 greenhouse.

— And finally, $30,000 to replace an exterior wall and stairway, plus seismic upgrades.

They purchased the home in November 2012 for $9.9 million according to Zillow, a real estate website. When news broke that Zuckerberg was moving to the Mission last year, Mission Local went out and asked people in the neighborhood what they thought about their new neighbor. Watch our 60 Seconds on Zuckerberg here.

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  1. I love but I think it’s kinda F’D UP to publish dudes address. No matter what you or anyone else thinks of The Zuck. Weaksauce man.

  2. InSF

    I don’t think the dude plans on living here full time. His main digs are in Shallow Alto.

  3. InSF

    Oh, and I love the line of how the renovations will cost him more than he planned! Ya know, I think he will manage to handle it.

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