A man was robbed at 16th and Church streets at midnight Friday. Two suspects walked up to the victim, grabbed him and punched him in the eye. The victim gave up his wallet and cell phone.

A homeless man who had been sleeping on the sidewalk at 24th and Bartlett streets was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon. He woke up with severe pain in his left arm and discovered that he had been stabbed in the arm and was bleeding, according to police reports. The incident happened at 1 p.m. Friday.

A man walked out of his home on Alabama and 23rd streets when he heard gunshots early Saturday and was shot in the arm. The victim then flagged down a taxi and went to the hospital. The incident happened at 1 a.m. Saturday.

A man was arrested outside a residence at 16th and Noe streets early Saturday. Three people were playing video games inside when they heard noises and called police.

When officers arrived at about 4 a.m. Saturday, they saw a man with one of the victim’s clothing and cell phone and arrested him.

A man was robbed at Castro and Market streets early Sunday. Two men in their 20s pushed the victim against a wall and grabbed the victim’s cell phone and wallet before fleeing on foot. The incident happened at 2:15 a.m.

A man was robbed at knifepoint Sunday afternoon at 16th and Mission streets. The victim told police that he agreed to drive two women from the Central Valley to San Francisco for cash. When the man walked into a hotel at 16th and Mission streets, a suspect took out a gun and robbed him of his cell phone and wallet. The incident happened at 3:20 p.m.

Early Monday, a man was arrested after he shot at a vehicle, according to police reports. Shortly before 1 a.m. Monday, two men were parking their car at 23rd and Hampshire streets when a man shot at the driver’s and the passenger’s doors.The suspect fled inside a building and officers later arrested him.