Three people were sent to San Francisco General Hospital Friday evening with stab wounds. Police said that they received reports of a fight on 23rd Street and South Van Ness Avenue shortly after 6 p.m. Friday.

One stabbing victim has life-threatening injuries, according police. The other two victims sustained non life-threatening injuries.

Carla Jimenez, who lives nearby, watched from her window as police questioned two people for an hour.

Police said that one suspect has been arrested. It doesn’t appear to be gang-related, police said.

Around the same time of the incident, two neighbors saw police collecting a white coat covered in blood at the corner of 22nd and Folsom streets. It is unclear at this time if the incidents are related.

We will update this story as we receive more information.

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

Rigoberto Hernandez

Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

Marta came from Zaragoza, Spain to master her English but everyone she speaks to wants to practice Spanish. After just a few months in the Mission, she already feels at home. In her free time she can be found reading books, watching movies, roller skating or just enjoying a good meal, an interesting conversation or a sunny walk around the neighborhood.

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  1. This, or an off shoot, happened at 22nd and Folsom. Saw it while I was on the bus and after I got off. It appeared to be crackheads, one faction against another. Blood and sharp objects galore. All of them stayed put when the cops came. Only folks I saw leaving post haste were gang looking sort teenagers.

    1. This neighborhood should’ve outgrown this sort of stupid crime at this point.

      Where are our police?

      1. Cops react to what has already happened, they don’t necessarily prevent crime.

        This happened right on my block. There were a ton of cops there, and I saw the coat covered in blood, right next to the corner store. There’s all sorts of weirdos, crackheads, and thug-looking dudes loitering around that block. They’ve never personally bothered me, but it does make it feel uneasy right there.

        Until there is a higher concentration of wealth in this neighborhood, it’s going to remain this way. Just seems to be the way things are.

  2. I was just walking on Folsom toward 22nd when I saw this gang of young men filling the street. When one was told that someone in the other group had a knife, hecharged across the street and jumped at the other guy. I saw someone reach in his pocket and hand a knife to the boy who did the stabbing. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget seeing one young man stab another 4 times in the stomach area. Where does this stupid violence come from? None of these participants appeared to have any respect for life. I called 911, and was put on hold! Although there was suddenly a huge police presence, not one of the officers questioned any of the observers on my side of the street. I really don’t care if the culprits were gang members or crack heads. We need greater surveillance and protection from these out of control punks.

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