BART’s 24th Street Plaza. Photo by Marta Franco.

It is 7:30 a.m, 61° and partly cloudy. Details for the next ten days are here.

The Bart conflict continues. Gov. Jerry Brown may impose a 60-day cooling off period if there is no contract agreement today. Read more about it on SFGate.

Have you heard about the antifreeze-addicted marmot? Finally caught, in case you were worried about it. Details here.

If you’re missing Outside Lands — or just want to check out some pics — go to 7×7 and SFist. I’m jealous.

And by the way, we tried to see Blue Jasmine yesterday and tickets were sold out. The Clay theater on Fillmore St. is the only place showing it in San Francisco. Plan in advance if you want to go.

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Marta came from Zaragoza, Spain to master her English but everyone she speaks to wants to practice Spanish. After just a few months in the Mission, she already feels at home. In her free time she can be found reading books, watching movies, roller skating or just enjoying a good meal, an interesting conversation or a sunny walk around the neighborhood.

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