The New Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative Opens on 24th St.

The Adobe Books sign is displayed on the sidewalk in front of the store's new location on 24th Street.

En Español.

Adobe Books is back. The popular bookstore that operated on 16th Street for 25 years has relocated to 24th Street, 3130 24th Street to be exact. And seeing the line outside two hours before opening time this morning, it’s already back to business as usual.

A rent increase forced Adobe Books owner Andrew McKinley to close on 16th Street approximately two weeks ago. After months of planning, the bookstore has reopened but it’s now run like a cooperative with 13 members.

“The old one was a home, Manager Christopher Rolls said referring to the old location, “but we can’t duplicate that, so we had to create a new home.”

Inside, Maximilian Godino, a cooperative member, took a picture of the first customer of the day while McKinley invited people to taste donuts he had brought in.

In between customers, Godino read Delfina Vannucci & Richard Singer’s “Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry,” a book about collectives published by the anarchist publisher AK Press.

Just like at the 16th Street location, the bookstore has an art gallery in the back. There will be an opening party for the exhibition “We Had Nothing To Do And We Did It,” curated by Calcagno Cullen, on July 13 and the show will run on August 23.

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  1. Kevin

    Welcome to your new location, Adobe!

  2. Christian

    Nice, a quote from “Illuminatus” on the chalk board.

  3. Freedom

    Hurray! and 24th street just got better again! Love how the neighborhood is improving!

  4. Mister Big

    Thanks for carrying on, Adobe! I hope those Jack Spade corporate types that drove up your rent get what’s coming to them!

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