Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Keoki Seu

It’s 7 a.m. and it is 55°. It will be partly cloudy today. More details here.

The San Francisco Chronicle was out at Sunday Streets last weekend checking out the lowriders.

There’s a new pizza place coming to 24th Street. UrbanDaddy has pictures of Rustic and SFWeekly has more details.

Facebook CEO and soon-to-be Mission resident, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that he will be speaking at the West Coast premiere of “Documented,” a film that addresses the plight of millions of undocumented immigrants in America. Via SFGate.

Zuckerberg’s speech at the showing of the critically-acclaimed film “Documented,” slated August 5 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, underscores growing Silicon Valley political muscle and ramped-up tech efforts to claim a stake in the debate surrounding comprehensive immigration reform.

And it may, some suggest, also signal a growing impatience with the stagnation of efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Diana

    If Zuckerberg really cared about immigration and the people..he’d hire them and not push those that live in the Mission out with his money. Why does he want to live in the Mission? Like so many that moved in with their money…they just think it’s cool. But to us natives born in the’s our home .. we love and respect our history. They do not! Get out!

    • RN

      His wife is a pediatric resident at UCSF/SFGH. She probably just wants a short commute to work…her job being taking care of kids from the Mission and beyond.

    • Blurpy

      Who did Zuckerberg push out when he moved to the Mission? Did he push out the owners of the home he paid them money for?

      What are you talking about, exactly?

    • randolph mortimer

      How long do you have to have lived in the Mission before you are allowed to live here?

      I’m sure Zuckerberg would be happy to hire local residents who have the skills, experience and education to work at Facebook. Maybe you should be asking why he isn’t doing more to make sure immigrants have those resources rather than asking him to hand out jobs.

  2. marcos

    Zuckerberg simply wants to import more cheap labor from South Asia and China so that the tech sector is relieved from its duty to invest in educating Americans.

  3. Dan

    His house isn’t in the Mission– it’s in Dolores Heights, the hill between the Castro and Noe Valley.

    • randolph mortimer

      Dolores Heights, another made up neighborhood whose name is only used by those involved in real estate.

  4. ANa

    I dont think he is personally responsible for the changing Mission. It started long ago. Maybe Z got bored of SV and wants some hip diverse people as neighbors? I’d say, dont hate, show him some Mission hospitality. (I dont see how he is anymore disrespectful of the mission than overtattoed bearded men that overrun our playgrounds, or chicks with red lipstick setting up expensive organic stores on every corner).

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