VIDEO: The man behind Basa Seafood Express

En Español.

Scott Lie emigrated to the United States from Vietnam 30 years ago. He landed in Dallas, where he worked in the seafood business. A decade later he moved to the Bay Area.

Lie worked for several years at Sun Fat Seafood Co., a seafood market on Mission Street. In 2009 he opened his own business, a restaurant called Basa Seafood Express, at 3064 24th St. Basa sells fresh seafood retail as well as prepared meals. Last month, Lie added sushi to Basa’s offerings.

This video is one in an ongoing series by Mission Local videographer Claudia Escobar, profiling Mission District business owners who came to the neighborhood from other countries.

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  1. Thanks for doing this.
    I love Basa and Mr. Lie is just so nice. I feel lucky to have such a great business so close to my house.

  2. Seafood Love

    I eat here about 3 times a week. If you’re looking for a meal, you can’t never go wrong with an Oyster or Salmon burger. And if you’re just looking for a quick bite, the poke is awesome too! Very affordable and delicious. More people should know about this place!

  3. TinyTim

    Does anybody know if Mr. Lie’s fish tends to be of the farmed variety (e.g., salmon or basa) My understanding is that US catfish (which is usually farmed is relatively safe regarding pesticides, antibiotics, etc.) but that imported catfish is often contaminated.
    (Just asking–not accusing). Thanks.

    • PugLife

      most of their fish is farmed, though they usually have one or two wild caught varieties but it depends on the day.

  4. Really great seafood to be had here. The clam chowder, shrimp cocktail and poke are great! we also buy fresh fish to BBQ often and it’s always fresh.

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