Weekend Crime Recap: Three Muggings


Police reported that at 4:38 p.m. on Friday, a man and a woman approached a man from behind near Mission and 15th streets and hit him on the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground. The suspects went through the victim’s pockets and stole his wallet, which had some cash in it, before fleeing on foot. The victim complained of pain in his head head and was taken to a hospital.

No arrests were made.


A man was mugged by three men near Valencia and 15th streets at 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, according to police. One suspect approached the victim from behind and took his backpack, then pushed him to the ground. The suspect threw the backpack to a second suspect, then held a handgun to the victim’s head and demanded he give up his belongs. A third suspect went through the victim’s pockets.

No arrests were made.


Police reported that a man was approached by three suspects who ordered him to give up his belongings or they would beat him up. The incident occurred at 1:15 a.m. on Monday at Mission and 23rd Streets. The victim complied and handed over his money. The suspects fled on foot.

No arrests were made.

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  1. city

    let me guess….all victims were yuppies & hipsters.lol. Ya’ll can buy up all the property and open your trendy cafe’s but you will always be outsiders in our city!

    • Jay

      Actually, the majority of crime victims in the Mission are minorities.

    • Charles Ball

      Pretty nasty words I’d say; be careful what you wish on others you never know about karma.

      • City

        I don’t wish harm to anyone…but come on lets face it….who are the criminals targeting? The broke minority coming home early in the morning from a hard night’ s work? Or the drunken fools looking for drugs sticking out like a sore thumb.. ..you do the math.

        • Charles Ball

          So it’s their fault? While everyone needs to be careful about their surroundings, folks have the right to walk around at any time of the day and night without being assaulted by goons, creeps, leeches and parasites. This is an issue of civil rights really…those committing the assaults are violating the civil rights of those they are attacking. Something must be done about this.

          • city

            your right..im not advocating for any scum bags but you still cant be walking around so damn niave.

        • Charles Ball

          well naive or not, its not an excuse for predators to commit crime. what folks like yourself seem to be saying is ….you believe in diminished expectations and that we should accept the status quo.

          I for one (and quite a few others) won’t settle for that. Children and adult members of the community don’t deserve the misery of low expectations.

    • Justin

      You should learn how to spell and use basic grammar and syntax before spewing idiocy in blog comments.

    • Mister Big

      Nobody deserves to be the victim of violence, not even hipsters. Your comments are self-serving and disgusting.

  2. kp

    How about some undercover police officers that walk around late at night as bait? Then these thugs will think twice about armed robbery.

    Pulling a gun or knife on an undercover cop allows the officer to open fire on the low life.

    • city

      SFPD wont do a damn thing…..why? Because they have a double standard to uphold. If they actually had to enforce crime after 2 a.m. then they would have to arrest all the hipsters who are allowed to fight, drink, snort, and do as they please in the streets. Its a joke…..they dont care about the innocent people who get slain…all they care about is the $.

      • or ’cause they’re busy dealing with actual shootings…

        • city

          Really? How come most homicides go unsolved???

          • randolph mortimer

            Probably because witnesses are too intimidated to come forward and in general nobody will co-operate with the police? Just a thought.

      • I’ve lived in the mission all my life same block for years! I agree with city! Pigs out here don’t care! And as far as the ppl getting robbed…yes I feel bad for them don’t get it twisted but don’t show off what u go like an iPhone 5 or the expensive watch! Or ur money! Obviously these ppl look for the hipsters wearing skin jeans or the top knock ppl. If u look out of place from the hood then ur a target! It’s a reality check! Ur not in Kansas anymore! So click those red shoes a few time!

        • Charles Ball

          No one should ever look out of place in the neighborhood. It is time for law enforcement to get tough on these predator and leech thieves, no goods and criminals.

        • City

          Thank you….these folks need a reality check

        • City

          These wannabe hipsters and idiot yuppies on here posting about stopping the crime are just so damn niave…..it’s ok I wouldnt expect you folks to be streetwise at all.When you walk around in an area high in crime….watch your back. Its just commen sence…its not rocket science.

          • Charles Ball

            No you are wrong and giving in to those who are enablers of crime and disorder in the mission.

            The progressive view is to make the Mission a livable place for all and devoid of criminal goons, creeps, parasites and leeches.

          • scum

            So how do you explain all the brown on brown crime City?

      • Blurpy

        3/4 of the SFPD don’t even live in San Francisco, so their investment in the communities here is, I’d imagine, very limited.

        That’s what cracks me up about all the cries of “police brutality” in this town. The SFPD are barely even present.

    • Eddie

      The United States increasingly resembles the developing world. Case in point–a comment supporting death squads to deal with crime.

      Where are we? Honduras? The shanty towns of Rio?

      • Charles Ball

        Surely you are not pro-crime?

      • kp

        Hi Eddie,

        Nuclear solves all energy problems and all crime and all life problems on all city blocks 😉

      • City

        We should learn a lesson from those places…..scum bags should be dealt with accordingly rather then given 3 hots & a cot. For all u lames who dont know what that means, look it up in the urban dictionary…..geeks

  3. randolph mortimer

    Wow, what a surprise to see the same racism and pro-crime apologists in the comments on a story about the victims of muggings. Keep it classy, Mission (apart from the ever present stench of urine, of course.)

    • Charles Ball

      And pro-crime apologists are the real racists. they are the enemies of all hard working citizens of the Mission who just want the freedom to go about their business (day and night) without fear.

      • city

        This is not a issue of racism…its a class war. The have nots VS the Mission Invaders. I’m done commenting on all you bleeding hearts. Get real because when an 8.0 hits the city get prepared for mayhem….all your righteousness will not save you then. I don’t feel sorry for DRUNKEN FOOLS who get robbed. Don’t get caught slippen….

        • City

          Btw….how come none of you ppl have called out the SFPD? Seems to me that if they did their job we wouldnt see all this crime. And dont just complain about crimes that target hipsters & yup’s how about gangs, drugs, and prostitution to name a few. Im sure that doesnt bother ya’ll as long as your preciouse Apple products don’t get taken huh?

          • Charles Ball

            I think there definitely needs to be greater neighborhood engagement with the police. I believe they have community meetings each month at Mission Station. these are held the last tuesday of each month beg at 6 PM

  4. City

    I love how the truth gets all you bleeding hearts so upset.lol. See ya’ll next week for another intriguing conversation on crime in as you outsiders call it “The Mish”….

    • Unknown

      Why do I get an inkling of a feeling that you lack formal education in even the most liberal sense of the term.

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