Carlos Martinez, manager of Cafe La Taza on Mission Street, says business runs in the family. His father, Noel Martinez, managed a supermarket in his native Nicaragua before moving to the United States with his wife, Mayra, in 1979, and then ran a liquor store.

When Carlos graduated from high school in 1997, his father decided to open La Taza, with the hope that his son would manage it. Carlos went to culinary school, where he chose to specialize in pastry making, and now makes most of the pastries sold at the cafe.

La Taza has since opened two other locations — one at Union Square and another in the Castro. To keep the business growing, La Taza is launching a new dinner menu, with wines from all over Latin America and Spain.

La Taza, 2475 Mission St., 415-824-7717.

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  1. It looked like Carlos Martinez had some speaking parts, but all I could hear was the music. I think something is tweeked with the audio.

    1. I’m not sure what that glitch was, Jon. It’s working fine over here– maybe try again?