Papalote Mexican Grill’s carne asada burrito has been nominated in Sunset magazine’s Best of the West: The Big Dish contest.

The restaurant at 24th and Valencia streets can do that burrito right, according to the magazine: “Lightly marinated steak and all the regular fixings are elevated by Papalote’s amazing signature salsa.”

Papalote’s owners explain the history of their salsa-making efforts on the restaurant’s website, noting their father as a key inspiration:

“Nobody was ever able to make a better salsa than our dad’s salsas … When we set out to make our salsa at Papalote we knew that we had undertaken an especially challenging task, and that our father would be watching. So, when we finally tasted Miguel’s creation, inspired by our family’s 40-year-old restaurant legacy as well as our dad’s unsurpassable commitment to creating THE perfect salsa, we discovered that we had created something so unique that, with all due respect to our dear father, kicks our dad’s salsa’s ass up and down the majestic mountains and mysterious valleys of our beloved homeland.”

Readers can vote for Papalote in the Sunset contest here.

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