Two Robbed of Cell Phones Wednesday

A female teen was walking near 24th and Guerrero streets at around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday when two men approached her, brandished a gun and demanded her cell phone. One of the men grabbed the phone from her hand and both suspects fled on foot.

No arrests were made.

A man was walking near Mission and 21st streets at around 8 p.m. on Wednesday when another man approached him, brandished a knife and demanded his cell phone. The victim handed his phone to the suspect, who then fled on foot.

No arrests were made.

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  1. SafeStreets

    There must be a lucrative market in stolen phones. What if the police cracked down on the stores on market street which blatantly announce they they buy used (i.e. stolen) phones?

    If there was noone to sell your stolen phone to, maybe there would be fewer thefts.

    • mari

      Often the phones are smuggled out of the country to be sold in the lucrative overseas markets. At this point, it’s dumb to pull out a smart phone in the mission. Only safe place to use that phone- is the toilet stall of your local eatery where no one will see! I wish I could purchase a smart phone with a nuclear option. When the phone gets stolen, you could log on and and blow the phone up, hopefully while it’s in the pocket of the criminal.

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