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Hundreds of San Francisco 49ers fans took to the streets after Sunday’s Super Bowl game, but unlike the aftermath of the World Series this past October, the mood was somber. Fans walked away from bars and parties murmuring about a team that made a comeback at the end of the game, but fell short in a 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

“We should have won. We should have won,” said a man as he walked along Mission Street wagging his index finger. “That’s it. We should have won.”

Others, like Michael Thomas at the Napper Tandy bar on 24th Street, took the long view of the youthful squad.

“We made it to the NFC game last year, we made it to the Super Bowl this year; next year we are going to win it,” he said. “There is no reason to be upset if you’re a 49ers fan.”

During the game, people spilled out of bars and onto sidewalks to watch the action from outside, and the sounds of block parties, fireworks, sirens and helicopters could be heard for hours. More than 100 extra police were on duty around the city, with special attention focused on the Mission. SFPD reported that 25 arrests for public intoxication were made. But for most officers on foot, in cars, on motorcycles and in vans, it was a quiet night.

At times, police appeared to be enforcing even the most mundane of infractions.

An officer ordered a car with music playing to stop when he spotted it near 22nd and Mission streets. After talking to the driver, the officer ordered two of the five passengers in the backseat out of the car.

“Anyone who doesn’t have a seat belt — out,” he yelled.

Parking enforcement officers blocked off 24th Street from South Van Ness to Mission Street, and Mission Street from 23rd to 25th streets.

Losing was an unfamiliar feeling for many fans; the 49ers had gone to the Super Bowl five times before this year and had won each game.

SFPD has reported that 25 public intoxication arrests were made last night.