Family screams in excitement on their front steps
The Jimenez and Hernandez families come together for some family football. The Hernandez' have lived at 23rd and Folsom for over 30 years. (Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)

Super Bowl XLVII is underway, and Mission Local has a crew of reporters on the streets and in the bars to bring you the latest.

A crowd spills out of Giordano Brothers on 16th Street, and hungry fans are being fed up the street.

Residents voiced their thoughts on a possible 49ers celebration.

20130201 60sec superbowl3 from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Graffiti on the corner of 16th and Mission Streets. Sunday, Feb. 3.
Fans watching the game in an alley near 24th Street.

Reporter Marta Franco says that Napper Tandy on 24th Street is full, and they aren’t letting anyone else in. But Connie Rivera of Mixcoatl Arts and Crafts is enjoying the crowds. She says it’s an excellent day to promote small businesses. “We are getting a very good response,” says Rivera, as she sells 49ers merchandise in front of the store. “This is like a party….a big day for us.”

Block party on Harrison Street.

The halftime show is popular with fans. “The cheering for Destiny’s Child is the loudest cheer I’ve heard since I’ve been out here,” Franco says.

The 49ers are behind 28-6 in the third quarter, but some worry that, win or lose, there will be chaos in the streets. “If they win, somebody is gonna burn busses,” says Leslie Hicks, who works at The Hideout at Dalva, but is watching the game at Delirium. “If they don’t, I hope no one dies!”

Play has resumed. Can the 49ers come back?

6:21 p.m.

Yoyo (right) celebrates with friends on Harrison Street.


Vernice Tafao, watching the game at Gestalt, says that she’ll always be a fan, and will be proud of the 49ers even if they lose tonight. “We made it this far, even when everybody doubted us,” she says.

A woman named Asia steps away from the block party on Harrison Street.


Carlos Sanchez kicks back on Lucky Street and celebrates the 49ers. (Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)
Samantha Cassidy gets her face painted on Mission Street between 18th and 19th street. “The closest thing I have to my dad is the 49ers,” says Samantha. (Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)
The Jimenez and Hernandez families come together for some family football. The Hernandez’ have lived at 23rd and Folsom for more than 30 years. (Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)
Monica Garcia’s son celebrates at the Frisco’s Finest car club BBQ (Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)


Benjamin Juarez sells lanyards on Mission Street. Juarez drives from San Jose to sell in the streets of the Mission(Photo by: Lauren Kate Rosenblum)

The 49ers are running out of time. 1:46 left in the fourth quarter.

Police waiting at the doors of Dalva said that they haven’t had any problems tonight.

The 49ers use their last time out.

Yes, it is over. Final score: Ravens: 34, 49ers: 31

More than 20 police officers are gathered at 16th Street. But it’s a quiet post-game scene.

Mission Local reporter Rigo Hernandez says that riot police are walking down Mission Street carrying their helmets. Fans are calm.

Party over. People are just trying to get home.

“We made it to the NFC game last year, we made it to the Super Bowl this year, next year we are going to win it,” says Michael Thomas outside the Napper Tandy. “There is no reason to be upset if you’re a 49ers fan.”

After the game, a group stood outside Casanova on Valencia Street. “Not so much of a let down, but a good game,” said Anthony McCain, who lives at 16th and Guerrero. “I’m scared of all the zip ties out this evening.”

Others were too upset to speak. A group of four young men in 49ers gear walked southbound from Mission and 16th Street. When asked how they were feeling, one of them responded, “I can’t talk right now.”

A cop stands ready at 16th and Valencia Streets.
Aftermath of the game: arrests being made on Alabama Street.

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  1. Anyone know why the helicopters are still over Mission Street (almost 9pm)? Or how to make them go away so we can have quiet?

    I can’t hear anything else happening on Mission (I’m 1 block from Mission st.)

    1. News helicopters continuously over lower 24th street until after 11:30pm. . . TV news at 9, 10, and 11 showed us live copter feeds of the Mission streets, reporting that the streets were, wait for it, quiet! The g-d- noise from the news copters was the worst “response” to the game in this part of town.

  2. Helicopters over the neighborhood from the end of game until now, about 8:30. Sirens rushing around outside about 8pm. Keep reporting!