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As co-working places become more and more popular in the Mission, it appears to be getting harder for these spaces to get noticed. Why not try giving yours an unusual name and creating an ad that looks like a taqueria menu? That’s what Taqueria Trabajo is doing, hoping to attract startup employees to its 16th and Mission location. (via MissionMission)

On to food and brews news. In case you’re thinking about lunch already (isn’t it a little early for that?), check out the appetizing pictures from Salumeria.

We often find ourselves talking about the future of journalism at Mission Local. We also know that many reporters would appreciate it if readers bought them a beer once in a while. A former Hartford Advocate writer, Jon Campbell, decided to stop waiting for that to happen and brew his own instead, according to SF Weekly. He called his brew, a mix of chocolate and roasted barley malts, Unemployed Reporter.