Weekend Mission Walk

A man sits at the 16th Street Bart Station.

Mission Local hit the streets to document interesting people and things in the neighborhood this weekend. Here’s a collection of photos from our weekend Mission walk.

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  1. Old Mission Neighbor

    “interesting people and things”

  2. Ben

    This is Swan, who you mentioned in your current article about Adobe Books. Swan is a lovely person who takes care of stray birds and writes a lively screed about whatever he’s musing about that day. He’s even celebrated in a mural or two around the Mission.

    • Unfortunately some loser decided to deface the Clarion Alley mural of Swan, if that’s the one you’re thinking of. It was one of the older murals (and frankly one of the better ones.)

  3. Ellen Campbell

    Ahhh, Swan! He’s been around longer than I have, and I first moved to the Mission in 1986. Thanks for the great photo.

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