Mission Residents Celebrate Dia de Los Reyes

A man carries a Rosca De Rey outside Panaderia La Mexicana.

Dozens of residents flocked local panaderias (bakeries) on 24th Street and elsewhere to buy a Rosca de Reyes to celebrate Dia de Los Reyes on Sunday.

Jan. 6 is known as the Epiphany and as Dia De los Reyes in many Latin American countries. It is often celebrated by eating an oval-shaped Rosca de Rey with family and/or friends.

The quirky thing is that someone will get a little plastic baby jesus inside their slice of bread. Should you get it, it means you have to cook tamales on Feb. 2. In my family it meant buying the Rosca next year.

Growing up in Catholic Mexico – 89 percent of the population self-identified as Catholic in the 1990 Census — I anticipated Jan. 6 more than Dec. 25, because Dia De Los Reyes was when you got your toys.

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