Leonard Flynn Teacher Gets $1K For Teaching Style

Leonard Flynn Elementary School. Photo via SFUSD

Robert P. Sautter, a kindergarden teacher at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School on Cesar Chavez Street, is being recognized by the Southern Poverty Law center for being good with his young class. He will receive the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Culturally Responsive Teaching from the Souther Poverty Law Center, which comes with $1,000.

Per the press release:

Sautter begins each school day with a “community circle” in which students greet each other using their home languages and implements a partnership plan with parents so they can share their goals for their children.

What he said:

“I offer a home visit to my families, and I consider it a privilege to be welcomed into my students’ homes, knowing that, for some, having someone who represents an institution with which they may not have had many positive experiences is a tremendous act of faith,” he says.

[Source: Souther Poverty Law Center, Sautter statement, Photo, H/T SFgate]

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  1. Mrs. Sheppard

    FLYNN not Flynt…. it is right there on the photo, too.

  2. Sandy Coleman

    This is a great school! My son graduated from there. check it out.

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