Supervisor Scott Wiener discusses his side of the nudity ban debate in November. Photo by Steve Rhodes/Flickr.

“Many people who are supporting the band of nudists who have made their beachhead here clearly believe that encouraging this behavior will somehow help keep the neighborhood gay. Now I don’t understand this equation between naked and gay.”

The New York Times writes again about the San Francisco nudity ban, and this time, Supervisor Scott Wiener (quoted above) is their angel in the centerfold.

You probably know the whole nude ban story at this point, so just read the best part here:

“Down with Wiener! Wiener is a clone! Wiener is a Republican!” shouted a middle-aged man who had stripped down, first to a pair of white briefs with a hole in the back and then, finally, to nothing at all.

Or if the nudity ban news has somehow escaped you, find out more by reading the entire article, here.

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