Good Morning Mission!

It’s 7 a.m. and 54º, headed to 57º. It’s going to be cold and wet today.

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If you’re reading this then we’ve made it — the world hasn’t ended, and we should probably celebrate, right? How about with a grilled cheese sandwich in the new year? Grubstreet reports that American Grilled Cheese Kitchen will be opening its Mission location (in the former Cafe Gratitude space) in early January.

Co-owner Heidi Gibson told Grubstreet that the restaurant will start with breakfast and lunch, adding dinner service in February.

And the discussion of a moratorium on restaurants on Valencia continues. The Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius is skeptical:

Consider the case of Noe Valley, which implemented a ban on restaurants and coffee shops in the 1980s. The concerns were the same: new food establishments would push rents to the skies, residents wouldn’t be able to afford to go out to eat, and the street would turn into an upscale food court. And of course there was always the scary g-word — gentrification.

By 2010, Noe Valley residents were clamoring to repeal the moratorium and embracing the trendy food influx.

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