Tech Tales, a program of Mission District non-profit Streetside Stories, helps students tell the true stories of their lives through art, and improves literacy skills in the process.

The organization is tailored to middle schoolers who are often underserved by public schools, including those who come from low-income families, often struggle in school and typically test lower than their peers.

Streetside serves about 2,000 students annually, primarily in San Francisco and Alameda counties.

“I’m very proud of the impact we have on young people, and I realize without Street Side Stories, many young people may not have access to high quality arts education in their schools and communities,” said Program Director Linda Johnson.

The video above depicts an average day in Mr. Tyree’s 7th grade classroom at James Derman Middle School, where Tech Tales staff are teaching students how to incorporate photos and music into their iMovie projects.

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Giving Thanks: Streetside Stories from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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