Is it Finally Time for Stricter Gun Control Laws?

Photo by the Associated Press.

In the aftermath of Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 schoolchildren were killed, some Democratic congressmen and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman have called for a national ban on military-style assault weapons, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Do you think the United States needs stricter gun control?

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  1. Kenny Gerchow

    I lived in Colorado near Columbine when that atrocity took place and don’t feel as all gun owners should be demonized. Yet enforcing more sensible gun control measures on both the commercial and black markets is definitely an important element in this conversation. For years I have felt that as a society we have become desensitized with inner-city youths opening fire upon each other and police brutality as examples of other disturbing trends linked by firearms and other variables. Furthermore, there is no way of “seeing the obvious signs” as the media portrays in regards to motives for these unfortunate onslaughts. Their position has been and always will be to sensationalize without any human regard towards anyone. Possession of firearms for some can hinder rational decision making leading to destructive outcomes. There also seems to be a connection relating to abuse at work and school with some events of the past, which requires enforcement of fair treatment at both locales. My belief is that the minute I ever own a gun, I have given up my humanity as a whole. My sympathy goes towards all of those who have lost someone by the means of a firearm.

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