Are There Too Many Restaurants on Valencia?

Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Over the past year and a half, 16 new restaurants have come to Valencia Street — and that’s just between 16th and 19th streets.

Now, Valencia merchants are calling for a one-year freeze on new full-service restaurants on Valencia in hopes of easing the negative impact on local businesses, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Bob

    Horrible idea, especially if it would also restrict new restaurants on lower 24th street. Don’t let the government run your life…

  2. randolph mortimer

    MissionLocal should publish a list of the restaurants who are advocating for this moratorium so neighborhood residents can choose to boycott them to help their owners learn about how capitalism works.

  3. Eddie

    The burgeoning techie food court on Valencia between 16th and 19th just adds to my preference to walk on Mission Street.

    I am a long time (20+ years) frugal, working class, vegetarian Mission resident. Oh how Valencia Street has steadily gone downhill in my time here. Nevertheless, my favorite Valencia Street spots:

    We Be Sushi (both locations)
    Cha Ya
    Ali Baba’s Cave
    Valencia Pizza and Pasta
    Burger Joint (french fries)
    Udupi Palace

    One’s I miss:

    Scenic India
    Cafe Istanbul
    Radio Valencia.

    Although not on Valencia, the best Mission dining experience is Food Not Bombs at the 16th Street BART Plaza, Mondays and Thursdays at around 7:00 PM. Delicious, vegan, free, and an opportunity to share a meal with your neighbors. Tonight’s menu included a delicious soup, sauteed greens, sauteed seitan with bell peppers, fruit salad, and coffee.

    We ain’t playin’ and you ain’t payin’.

    • Dude

      Uh, I don’t know, I kind of prefer the current Valencia over the old one with the crackhouse and the shady refrigerator store that spells “refrigeration” wrong.

      Also, the current version has much less frequent poop on my doorstep.

      • randolph mortimer

        But still way too much poop and urine and way too much violent crime, not even including the ongoing gang warfare which the city seems powerless to do anything about.

    • Sfnola

      Seriously, gone downhill? You’ve been here long enough to remember two lanes of speeding traffic in each direction, tons of boarded up shops and it being far too dangerous to walk between 16th and Duboce. The restaurants may not be to your liking, but to say Valencia has gone “downhill” is just not true.

      • Eddie

        I have never been scared to walk anwhere on Valencia Street since 1989. I’ll grant you that the addition of bike lanes is an improvement except when the bicyclists disregard the rules of the road and endanger pedestrians.

        The old Valencia Street was a multicultural artery. Now, it’s bland and filled with many inconsiderate young people who can’t be bothered to look up from their smart (makes you dumb) devices or make room on the sidewalk for people who are walking by while they congregate in front of the newest trendy coffee or food spot.

        So, for me, it has gone downhill. Just two years ago, there were tons of boarded up storefronts of businesses that didn’t survive the first dot com crash and the housing bubble bursting. They’ll be boarded up again in the future when the next speculative bubble bursts.

        I’m being nostalgic, but there used to be a down to earth, DIY inspired music and art scene centered on Valencia. Now, the city’s too expensive for enough young creative non-conformist people to live in the Mission to support such a scene. Rocking out at the Chatterbox and the Chameleon in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, cultural events at many bookstores, an auto parts store, all replaced by high end dining. To me, that’s downhill.

        • Dude

          You probably didn’t hang out much at the old Valencia Gardens. If you did, I’m very impressed, though.

          • Eddie

            I never hung out at the old Valencia Gardens, but was never afraid to walk by on Valencia Street, 14th Street or 15th Street. I live near Bernal Dwellings, occasionally walk through there and voted there.

            Living in the Mission since 1992, I never remember being scared on the street. (Of course, I am male.)

            I neglected to mention Cafe Ethiopia in my list of favorite Valencia Street spots.

            I never noticed that Cherin’s (?) misspelled “refrigeration” so perhaps I’m a little clueless.

          • Dude

            Well, I was thinking of King’s, actually, back at the old location. You know, before that building got set on fire by one of the residents upstairs who went crazy.

          • Eddie

            Thanks for correcting me. I thought I got it wrong as soon as I posted the last comment.

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