Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi addresses a rally of his supporters as his wife, Eliana Lopez, cheers him on before the Board of Supervisors' hearing on whether or not to suspend him permanently.

Today SF Gate reports that a group of women with major financial backing is working to recall Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Mirkarimi was reinstated by the Board of Supervisors last month after a drawn-out hearing regarding his suspension stemming from a New Year’s Eve altercation with his wife.

Distric 6 Supervisor Jane Kim, one of four supervisors who voted to reinstate the sheriff, said she would support a recall effort. District 9 Supervisor David Campos said that he has not made a decision as to whether or not he would support a recall effort. “I do have questions about the ability of Sheriff Mirkarimi to effectively do his job,” he said in a conversation with Mission Local last month. “We just have to wait and see what he does, how he performs. I believe in restorative justice, but restorative justice requires that person to take responsibility and act in a way that [demonstrates that] they are changing themselves.

Hear what people in the Mission thought of the vote to reinstate Mirkarimi here.

Read the SF Gate article about the recall effort here.

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