Some engaged train riders enjoy long reads.

If you’re like some of us here at Mission Local, lots of time with family members can be a little overwhelming. It can be good to claim some introverted respite and curl up with earbuds and a few good long reads (or listens, as the case may be). We’ve curated a healthy list for you.

“Middle School,” This American Life

The intrepid storytellers at TAL report on life at middle school, from the iconic, awkward school dance to an adolescent world near the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Bikini Kill Was a Girl Punk Band Ahead of its Time,” from the Washington Post

Chris Richards of the Washington Post wrote an awesome piece about the history of one of Riot Grrrl’s most exciting bands, Bikini Kill, in honor of the reissue of their self-titled EP.

“Jeb Bush in 2016?” from the New York Times

It’s never too early to wonder.

“Photo Essay: When a Kid’s Bedroom Isn’t a Room,” from Mother Jones

Photographer James Mollison shows that a kid’s room “is not so much a retreat from as a reflection of the world outside.”

“The Latino Gap: Not Quite Trilingual,” from Fronteras Desk

This piece is from earlier in the year, but the issues it raises about Mayan children and education gaps are particularly relevant in the Mission. Give it a listen!

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