The Medical Board Investigator testified that one of Guzmangarza's patients said he asked her to hold up her IV bag while he intubated her. Photo Courtesy SFDA

The preliminary hearing of Carlos Guzmangarza, who allegedly performed plastic surgeries without a license and defrauded women of thousands of dollars, continued Tuesday with testimony from a woman who alleged that Guzmangarza sexually assaulted her during a plastic surgery procedure.

Guzmangarza’s alleged victim, who was questioned by Assistant District Attorney Evan Ackiron, described being referred to Guzmangarza in early 2009 through her sister and later paying $5,000 for a buttock augmentation procedure by Guzmangarza.

She described how she always thought that Guzmangarza was a doctor because “he set himself out in a very assured way,” the Spanish-speaking woman said through a translator. Guzmangarza allegedly showed her a piece of paper with his name and information and a picture of himself in medical clothing in a place that looked like a hospital or clinic room.

The woman testified that after she told Guzmangarza she would think the procedure over, Guzmangarza came to her place of work and started making phone calls to her. She allegedly met Guzmangarza in a café, where he showed her videos of how the procedure would take place.

After she agreed to a buttock augmentation procedure, she allegedly paid Guzmangarza $5,000 in two payments. The second paymentwas allegedly made in Guzmangarza’s car half an hour before the procedure.

According to her testimony, Guzmangarza picked her up in his car in July 2009 and gave her two white pills that he said would relax her and calm her down. She testified that he took her to a place that looked like an office and had a bed. “I was very, very dizzy. I was not in a normal state,” she said. “I started feeling fear for being there.”

The woman testified that Guzmangarza gave her about four injections in her right buttock and during that time smoked a cigarette.

Guzmangarza then allegedly began to touch her in an inappropriate manner, and the victim pushed him away and told him to stop. She testified that Guzmangarza assaulted her sexually.

After the alleged assault, Guzmangarza drove her home.

The woman testified that after she suffered an infection from the procedure and the liquid used in the procedure began to leak, she phoned Guzmangarza but he did not respond. She said she went to the emergency room, where she told social workers what had happened.

Public Defender Michelle Tong questioned the witness next, grilling her about her immigration status, how she became acquainted with Guzmangarza and whether he had a good reputation among his previous patients. The woman testified that one of her acquaintances spoke kindly about him.

The woman also said that she had not received a receipt for her payment and did not withdraw the funds from a bank account to pay Guzmangarza.

Tong also asked if she had experienced pleasure during the alleged sexual assault. The witness angrily replied that she did not know if that question was relevant, but said she did not.

The preliminary hearing, with the Hon. Loretta M. Giorgi presiding, will continue tomorrow at 9 a.m. in Department 26 at the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St.

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