Then and Now: Valencia and 19th Sts. on Election Day, 2008 and 2012

Where are all the people? Missionites celebrating near the intersection of Valencia and 19th streets in 2008 were nowhere to be seen in 2012 after Barack Obama was reelected to the presidency. All is quiet in the Mission.

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  1. Dude

    Maybe they all went to Tacolicious. That wasn’t there before, was it?

    • al walden

      They sure weren’t at Mi Ranchito a block away where the 9-year-old boy who works there is RUDE towards customers.

  2. Eddie

    2008 support inspired by the false rhetoric of “hope and change” has been replaced by 2012’s traditional vote for a lesser evil. What a choice–a war criminal vs. a war criminal wannabe.

    • al walden

      I really like the Green Party Presidential candidate, but when I read stupid pie-in-the-sky comments like yours I want to throw up.

      • Eddie

        What part of my comment was inaccurate, or “pie in the sky.” Killing civilians in a country that is not a combatant in a war (Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc.) is defined as a war crime under international law. So Obama is a war criminal. Romney would have happily joined him.

        • al walden

          I praised Jill Stein in my comment above, but I heard her call in KPFA this morning and her whining was atrocious.

          You liberals and libertarians need to get a clue.

          We have been under de facto partial suspension of the Bill of Rights since 9/11 and Americans WON’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.

          I for one am glad Obama is illegally droning terrorists if it’s keeping us safe.

  3. MMAKG

    With all the crimes on Valencia and 19th recently, nobody hangs out anymore. The fun is elsewhere like in Castro. See the link…

  4. JP

    Jubilation vs. Relief

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