Woman Attacked With Lipstick Cap at Mission St. Store

Police report that a woman suffered a cut to her eye after a man, described by police as between the ages of 28 and 30, threw a lipstick cap at a her while inside a store on Mission Street near 21st Monday night. The 65-year-old victim refused medical treatment.

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  1. marco

    Serious stuff going down…

    • kp

      Marco, this lipstick incident could have been prevented by installing the Mark III 16 inch coastal defense cannon in Dolores Park.

      This is integral to Mission Security!

      Also, if I was a kid I would prefer to play on a cannon instead of the stupid kid proof playground occupying the ideal location for the Mission Defense Cannon!

  2. next

    Cutting edge reporting Mission Local…..i can’t believe this your paper deemed this newsworthy.

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