Today Is World Food Day

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations sponsors World Food Day each year.

Today the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) hosts World Food Day. It’s a time for everyone to consider the inequalities in food, nutrition and income faced in communities around the world.

In the Mission District, some eat and some do not.

In 2010, the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks estimated that one in five San Franciscans struggle to feed themselves and their families. The Mission ranks as one of the city’s poorer districts; District 9 has the third lowest median income, at just over $25,000 annually. With that status comes widespread food insecurity.

Each year the FAO chooses a theme to support World Food Day awareness, and this year it’s “Agricultural Cooperatives: the Key to Feeding the World.” Meaning, take control of growing your own food or support the farmers that do, and you might help to end hunger. Here’s an example: California-based coffee cooperative Pachamama.

Read more about World Food Day here.

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