Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before: A Google Employee Walks Into a Mission Bar, Loses a Prototype Phone

Drawing by Molly Oleson

If you recall, last year the Mission was abuzz over an iPhone prototype lost by an Apple employee at a bar in the Mission. Now it’s happened to a Google employee, who lost a highly anticipated LG Nexus 4 prototype at the 500 Club on Guerrero Street.

From Wired:

Barton [the bartender who found the phone] showed the device to a tech-savvy regular named Dave who immediately identified it as the upcoming Nexus 4, which Google is set to unveil at an event in New York on Oct. 29.

Dave agreed to make some calls to Google HQ. When Barton heard back from him the next day, Dave was shaken.

“Dave” — Barton says he does not know his full name — “sort of freaked out. ‘Google lost a phone,’ he told me. ‘You just got a guy fired…. The Google police are coming.’”

The Google policeman in this case was a short but pushy man named Brian Katz, according to Wired. Katz went after Barton, who was at the Mission police station reporting the lost phone, but something unexpected happened:

On nearby 14th Street, undercover cops had just gunned down a gang suspect in the road after he produced an illegal TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol and appeared to point it at one of them. The neighborhood erupted in outrage, [note that many residents doubt that any of the protesters were from the neighborhood] and dozens of people attacked and vandalized the Mission precinct station while Katz was still inside.

“It was the night of the riot,” says Ragi Dindial, a lawyer Barton knew through the music scene. “I met Katz there and they hustled us out the back door, past riot police in full riot gear and automatic weapons.”

Read on.

Do we believe this one? The stories sound way too similar, with added drama.

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