Mission High School students recently launched Mission Radio, a student-run weekly radio program broadcast over the Internet. The new program is in addition to Mission Youth TV (MYTV), a television program produced entirely by students. The video programs consist of school announcements and sports updates, and are broadcast throughout the entire school and posted on Mission High’s website. The students write the scripts and shoot and edit the videos.

Last week students involved in the program invited members of the school’s marching band and other student acts to help kick off the radio program with a live broadcast throughout the school. Will Hammond, Mission High’s media director, hopes to solicit teachers and students who are interested in developing radio programs or recording a podcast. The media students have produced video and radio public service announcements about texting and driving, suicide and bullying.

Mission Youth TV is making the leap into radio at a time when its funding is in question — the federal grant that funds the program is scheduled to expire at the end of the school year. Hammond is confident the program will continue, but said it may require piecemeal funding from private and public resources.

Check out the school’s video and radio podcasts here.

Sequence 01 from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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