Lit Crawl: Literature and Fashion

Nichole Albright keeps it cool in mint green tights, a floral skirt and a structured leather jacket.Nichole Albright keeps it cool in mint green tights, a floral skirt and a structured leather jacket.

Mission Local reporters teamed up with Richmond Confidential and Oakland North to cover as many LitCrawl events as possible on Saturday night. Fashion was also on the radar as audiences enjoyed spoken word performances and book readings.

Rachel Witte, a Richmond Confidential reporter, and Madeleine Thomas, from Oakland North, took some shots of the evening’s fashionistas.

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  1. Jazz

    I have been called the “original hipster” by my students in that I lived in the Mission at 14th and Guerrero from 1990 to 1994, wore only second hand clothing, road only a bicycle, wore only untied Timberlands (ironically, I grew up forty miles from DFW) and drank only expensive coffee, while only being able to afford a $2.35 burrito (the cost then) a day. In addition I pretty much thought I was smarter than everyone (which I still do) and proudly told my parents that no one would mug me because I looked too much like a homeless person myself.

    The Mission has gone through some transformations (maybe I have too). Now I take my international students there on field trips postulated to be “an anthropological study of the hipster in his and her native habitat” as part of a week of American Culture. The “hipsters” really get into the spirit of things, answering questions and inviting to parties and events and over all just joining the fun. I am proud of my old neighborhood, with one qualification – I am really sorry to see Adobe Books closing due to financial pressure. Maybe a final reading there would be in order, before they close their doors forever?

  2. joe

    Surely you took more than 12 pictures that evening! MORE!!!

  3. Dick Jams

    Thankfully, this isn’t the most accurate portrayal of San Francisco’s fashionable human creatures.

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