Five Costumes to Get Your Boo On

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Are your friends expecting you at a costume party this weekend and you’ve been too busy to come up with a disguise? Mission Local is here to save the day. Here are five costume ideas that will make you look hip without breaking your wallet.

1. Painter: Splash paint on some clothes. Walk around with a paintbrush, ready to create your next masterpiece.

2. Athlete: Grab some sports gear and throw on your game day socks. Channel your favorite Bay Area baseball or football player. You must have a jersey and some cool accessories lying around.

3. Opposite sex: Here’s an easy one: If you’re female, put on some jeans, paint on a mustache and change your voice. If you’re male, get dolled up in a dress, red lipstick and heels.

4. Dead president: Not a U.S. president; we’re talking about the 1995 crime thriller “Dead Presidents.” The outfit is simple: all-black clothing, black beanie and white face paint with black paint around the eyes and on the lips.

5. James Bond character: A new Bond movie is coming out in November, so now is a great time for this one. For the guys: go into action with a tuxedo or a suit. For the ladies: be a hot “Bond Girl” and throw on an evening dress.

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