Fans Take to Streets After Giants Win Pennant

Hundreds of fans took over the streets after the San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the National League pennant on a rainy Monday night.

Fans decked out in Giants’ gear briefly took to Mission Street, from 22nd to 24th streets, as passing cars blasted their horns. Dozens of police officers — some in riot gear — watched as fans celebrated. The commotion ended around 10:30 p.m.

The Giants will host the Detroit Tigers in game one of the World Series on Wednesday. First pitch is at 5 p.m.

Hear honking on the street at, via @Burritojustice

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  1. 18th Street Resident

    I was on a #49 bus coming from Bernal Heights. From 25th to 23rd the crowd was huge and they were acting like nothing more than hoodlums…jumping on the bumpers of the bus..pulling the polls down from from the wires, while stopped..ridiculous. I got off and walked up San Carlos and Lexington.
    Even as I took a cab back up to Bernal later there were carloads of folks streaming down Mission from Daly City etc.

    While I think it’s terrific that the Giants won..this kind of craziness is out of line.

    Folks…it’s a game.

  2. Denise M.

    Great for the Giants but NOT great for me! I had to deal with nonstop honking for about two hours. It was pretty disruptive and quite annoying. Get a grip people!!! Say, Yay! and be done with it!!!

    • suki

      I could not agree more. I don’t care at all about the giants, Winning ballgames? Prancing around the around the parlor playing charades? Who cares? Celebrate if you must, but don’t confuse screaming, non stop honking and drunk belligerent behavior with acts of celebration, please.

  3. Fgamersf77

    Wow some of these people sound ,like total jerks…say yay n be done…u r no sports fan,I was born n raised here in the mission,and as long as I can remember ,it’s celebration time,yeah pulling down wires on buses is stupid,but there’s always going to be a bad apple…hello,inner city kids,lucky they’re not shooting in the air…relax…

  4. Miles

    Maybe the Giants should move to San Jose

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