Editor’s note: This column is one of a weekly series of conversations with District 9 Supervisor David Campos addressing issues and events in the Mission. If you have questions for Campos, send an email to missionlocal@gmail.com.

Mission Local: “Question time” is a monthly question-and-answer session between San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors. This month, you posed a question about the value of “question time.” Why, and what was the mayor’s response?

David Campos: You have to look at his response. [The Mayor] is not interested in modifying question time because he has a fear that it would disrupt the respectful dialogue between the board and the mayor.

The intent of my question was: how do we have something that is more meaning but remains respectful? The reason it came up is because a number of supervisors have indicated that question time is not as useful as it could be. In fact, we have seen in many instances, the supervisors haven’t submitted questions.

You have a format where you ask a question in writing and the response is basically read at the board meeting … I missed [submitting a question] one month. I know that some supervisors have purposefully not submitted. They don’t find it useful.

I don’t know exactly what [a reform of question time] should look like, but I am interested in speaking to the mayor [about a dialogue that] remains respectful but perhaps is a little more useful. I’m open to different ideas. I’m open, by the way, not only to the board asking questions, but also the mayor asking questions of the board.

ML: Let’s talk about Proposition F, a measure that would require the city to conduct an $8 million evaluation of the proposal to drain Hetch Hetchy, a reservoir that provides water and power sources for San Francisco. Why are you — and the entire board — opposed to the measure?

DC: I support the concept of restoring Hetch Hetchy at some point. I just don’t think that [Prop. F] is the way to do it. I think that it’s a lofty goal. It’s something that we should aspire to.

We don’t want to do anything that is going to jeopardize our ability to be energy independent. Hetch Hetchy plays a role in that. I share the long-term objective; I don’t think that this is the way to do it.

ML: In lighter news, it’s rumored that Mark Zuckerberg is now calling the Mission District home. What do you think about having the world’s 11th-richest billionaire in the neighborhood?

DC: I don’t know if it’s true. What I can tell you is that we welcome everyone to the Mission. The Mission has been a place that has always embraced different kinds of people living in it. It’s no surprise that anyone would live here. It’s a very special place.

ML: If the rumor is true, will you reach out to Zuckerberg?

DC: We want anyone who has an interest in the Mission … we’re happy to work with them in our office. To the extent that someone has resources, [there’s] different ways in which they can be helpful in the neighborhood and community. We have a big initiative … the Mission Promise Neighborhood [an initiative focused on] increasing academic achievement. If there is any interest in him getting involved in that, I would welcome it.

ML: Finally, share something about yourself that Missionites may not know.

DC: I love movies. I don’t know that that’s something people know about me. Movies provide an escape, if you will. I like being able to sit in a room for two hours, focusing on the movie with no interruptions. That’s something that relaxes me; even bad movies can do that.

I like all kinds of movies; I have an eclectic taste. [But] a movie that is very special to me is “Shawshank Redemption.” And I’m a big Star Wars fan.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Now San Francisco politicians are spending tax dollars to fight a STUDY OF THE FACTS regarding improving our water system which has 0% water recycling? They should have implemented water recycling YEARS AGO. LA does it, Orange County does it, why doesn’t San Francisco do it? Are you F-ing kidding me? What are these no on F people really up to? I AM DEFINITELY VOTING YES ON F. We need to study this. These no on F people clearly have some other agenda to be fighting so hard against A STUDY. VOTE YES ON F.

  2. “The Mission has been a place that has always embraced different kinds of people living in it.”

    How do you reconcile this with your previous statement that gentrification is the biggest problem facing the Mission, David?