The Tec-9 pistol the SFPD confiscated from a 22-year-old man involved in an officer related shooting Thursday night. Photo courtesy of the SFPD.

A plainclothes police officer chasing a 22-year-old man on 14th Street near Natoma at approximately 8 p.m. Thursday shot the man after he brandished a semiautomatic Tec-9 handgun during the pursuit, police said.

The San Francisco Police Department did not release the name of officers involved in the incident or of the man who was shot. The man’s injuries were not life-threatening and he remains hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital, according to police.

The suspect was on parole for assault with a firearm, according to a police press release issued at 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

The plainclothes officer involved in the shooting was working with another plainclothes investigator and two probation officers from the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department as part of a program called Operation Night Light.

The program, run by Juvenile Probation, is designed to enforce curfews for youth parolees, the release stated.

The plainclothes officers were in an unmarked SFPD car when they recognized the man as a gang member on parole.

The man ran from the officers, and during the chase exhibited a Tec-9 semiautomatic pistol. The gun was loaded with 25 rounds of 9 mm bullets, police said.

According to police, the officer ordered the man to drop his weapon; he refused and turned the gun toward the officer. The officer then fired his gun and shot the man twice.

Gayle Laird, who lives close to where the shooting occurred, said she arrived home shortly after. “This is the second shooting on this corner in a month,” she said in an email to Mission Local. “I am glad to know that the SFPD is working to curb the gang violence by having a presence in the area, even though the resulting confrontation in this instance was unfortunate.”

The shooting prompted a protest outside the Mission District police station a few hours after it happened. The protesters spraypainted “Killers” on the station’s front doors.

No arrests or injuries were reported during the protest.

The shooting is being investigated by the Homicide Detail, the SFPD Internal Affairs Unit, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Citizen Complaints.

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  1. Protesting against this incident is par for the course in this city. You have to commend these cops for recognizing this parolee and then taking him down without lethal force. The fact there wasn’t any return fire is a blessing.
    SF Cops have a crappy job but they don’t do themselves any favors. The crime rate in the Mission is out of control and this is on them. They aren’t as visible as they should be, they let too much petty stuff go un-policed and they are lazy.
    The whole PD needs to be shaken up.

  2. I live close to that corner, and at that time of day, am often returning home on 14th after grocery shopping.

    Thanks SFPD for helping make the streets where I live safer for me and my family.

    For the folks breaking windows and vandalizing as a ‘protest’, I kindly ask that you go back to where you came from and stay out of SF and our neighborhood until you become a little more aware of the realities of urban living.

    1. They weren’t thinking. That’s the problem. Stupid people spread rumors about “unarmed 18yo shot in back” and the “protesters” went nuts.

      1. I can verify that. I heard rumors that the police changed their story, as really did happen but in Oakland months ago. People may be venting for the Alan Blueford murder, because the stories are already blending.

        1. But the horrible Blueford shooting was way back in May over on Birch in Oakland That is a long way and time for a blend. How about Jesus Solis who was murdered on Treat street in the middle of the afternoon last sunday? His killer was someone on the street with a gun. Isn’t that closer for a blend?

  3. This is the second TEC-9 ceased in the Mission this month!

    Send all of those SFPD officers involved in this shooting to re-qualify with their weapons!

  4. known gansta, on parole for assault with a fire arm pulls a TEC-9 and the police shoot the gumbo head, not dead, so now protesters are protesting the police shooting? For real? We should all be feeling grateful they got the guy before he killed innocents. (TEC-9’s aren’t known for accuracy, just spraying bullets all over the place). This town is gone completely mad! Any other town the police would have made this cat vanish.

    1. Special cop bullets, minimize spread damage and exit wounds. Props he didn’t take a headshot. Cops are corrupt and too often murderers, but we still don’t have the info on this incident. The Mission is tough.