Two dozen people had gathered on Treat Avenue near 26th Street on Monday afternoon to remember their friend, Jesus Solis, a 20-year-old man who was fatally shot at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Young men wearing red caps stood on the west side of Treat, across the street from Garfield Square, as young women looked on, crying. The mourners told Mission Local they were friends of the victim but declined to comment on what had happened.

The motive for the shooting is unclear and it is not known if the incident was gang-related, police department spokesman Albie Esparza told Mission Local.

Although some witnesses said they saw a man fleeing the scene on foot, it is not clear whether just one person was involved or if a larger group was at the scene when the shooting occurred, Esparza said.

A long-time resident of the neighborhood who wishes to remain anonymous said she heard shots being fired just after 3 p.m. Monday near the place where the first shooting occurred.

“Yesterday I was watering my tomato plants and I heard… two shots,” she said. She said he looked outside to the street and saw a man running away.

Police Captain Robert Moser said, “We did have reports of some shots fired yesterday…we have dedicated officers to that area.”

Police are urging anyone with information to call SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text a tip at TIP411.

This story was updated at 6:01 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 18.

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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  1. I can’t believe how ignorant some people can be. It wasn’t even a gang related crime!

    I had not seen Chuy since the soccer days when the team used to come to Sacramento for their tournaments, now I’ll never see him again. My deepest condolences to the fam and friends who have lost a loved one way too soon.

  2. its good someone cares about this neighborhood. sad that one our young had to lose his life before someone did something. this is so sad two young men lost their lives sunday .

  3. I am more worried about being hit by a car on South Van Ness.
    By the way a woman just git run over by MUNI on South Van NessAnd 20th.

  4. I was Jesus’s teacher in a GED program recently, he was a smart respectful young man who I had the pleasure of teaching, he loved math…His life was cut short by the senseless violence on these streets…his spirit was bright I always thought of his potential as being so great…he impacted those that knew him positively…RIP

  5. At 6:30pm yesterday (Wednesday), SFPD tactical team stormed the residence of one of the Pacific Islander gang members who loiter all day on 26th between Treat and Folsom. Gathering evidence against the shooter, according the multiple police officers I talked to about this.
    Hopefully this scum murderer will be off the streets and behind bars for 20+ years.
    I will be attending the Campos meetings and urging him to get all those who harbored this shooter and other criminals in Bernal Dwellings evicted. Things have to change.

    1. Dave — thanks for all of the updates. I wish the reporters here had information to add. I hope we can all agree that the gun violence needs to end.

    2. I was home when the tactical team and undercover officers and non undercover officers met on 25th and Bryant. It was a site for sure! I took pics of all the vehicles and people sitting out front. Was wondering if this was due to Sunday’s shooting, thank you for the info. I actually heard Sunday’s shooting from inside my bedroom, heard two shots.

    3. I’m curious how you found out about this Dave? Is there another news source I should be checking? I search around last night and today but didn’t find anything until I found your comment. Thanks!

      1. I didn’t learn about his online. I live a block away, so I saw it all go down. And then I spent about an hour talking with 5 different police officers.

          1. Really?! Stop snitching? Who am I snitching to? And we’re talking about a young man who was murdered. Are you implying that this is a situation in which “no snitching” applies. If you’re talking about being 10 years old and your friend just stole a candy bar – in that situation “no snitching” is okay. Jeez, it’s a murder!

  6. R.i.p yung chuy. Still remember them days we played soccer at garfield park, back when we were 5. What I would do to kick the ball around one more time with u bro. Much love to the solis fam.

  7. Thank you Melissa, and to the rest of Chuyitos fam. and friends. Thank you to everyone expressing their feelings and opinions. I too knew Chuy since he was very small. He played soccer in our team, he was a very talented, and dedicated soccer player and that is not all. He was a very nice and respectable young man to many people in the neighborhood. It is really unfortunate to see another one of our young men go in this way. Yes, this is a crazy way to go and its very dangerous that it happened near the park where kids and others played. Yet we know what the ‘hood” is about, bring anyone you want to the neighborhood, more cops, more programs, more whites/euros, yuppies, whatever, truth of the matter is this continues no matter how you may want to look at it, and its a shame but if we are constantly pointing fingers and saying its because this and that this will never end. Not until we all unite and as crazy as it may sound. Yeah we need jobs, and “we don’t know how to act” and if that’s the case then teach us. Oh you don’t have the time? Make it! Be the change. Lead by example. If you are soo righteous teach our young men how to be like you. HOw to go from washing dishes to getting an office job. I have only heard you Mr. Sharpless achieve a feat like that. U must be a damn good dish washer. Why so much comparison? Why so much hate? It takes the community to come together and create the peace you want to see. Fighting over the internet does not create community instead it fuels the fire within. How can we be a united MISSION District If we cant even get along in a chat forum. RIP CHUYITO. You’ll forever be here folks… in our hearts fam. respect

    My heart goes out to La Familia. De MUCho Corazon. Que DIos les de mucha fuerza y los sostenga en un momento tan pero tan doloroso. Que Dios me los bendiga. Y que Chuyito descanse en paz. Hagase su voluntad. Gracias.

    1. Dear Abuelito, I want to say that I was not the person who said any thing about being a good dishwasher or said anything bad against any group of people. I am 100% against the name calling and labels people are using here and I think it only makes it harder to come together to stop tragedies like this from happening. We are all neighbors. I am only against gun violence. Chuyito did not deserve to be killed nor did any of the other dozens of kids who died on our streets recently. Can many of us agree on this? En Paz, In Peace.

  8. UR all ignorant white people that need to get out of a Latin neighborhood obviously u weren’t ment for this! Cops are always the solution to u people but u never been racial profiled or harassed for wearing niner or giants colors we don’t need cops we need more jobs for our youth more centers where they can be productive not more cops!!!!!

    1. I hear what you are saying David, but here’s a fact that maybe you need to understand. In order for the youth of the neighborhood to get jobs, they have to start acting differently. They have to be responsible. Potential employers who are hiring need to feel like they can trust them. They have to act and look the part. They have to be able to communicate with customers and represent the businesses that are hiring. It starts there as well.

    2. How, exactly, is this homicide the fault of the police or “white people”? And actually, I don’t think Latino people were “meant for this” either. I’d like to see everyone in the Mission have a safe community in which to live. Wouldn’t you?

  9. I encourage everyone who is commenting here to use their voice and make their opinions known to local officials and community groups.

    I’ve written to Supervisor Campos, SFPD, and Phil Ginsburg, head of Park and Rec and they have all responded.

    They also informed me that there will be a community meeting on Monday evening. From Supervisor Campos’ staff: “I also wanted to let you know that Supervisor Campos and Captain Moser are hosting a community meeting to discuss the shootings and other public safety concerns on Monday 9/24 from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at Good Samaritan Family Resource Center at 1294 Potrero Avenue in the Community Room. We hope you are able to make the meeting and please let your neighbors know.”

    Mission Loc@l – perhaps you could publicize this meeting more broadly?

    1. Thank you for letting us know about the meeting. We will publish and want to be there. Thanks, Helene

      1. Helene — how come a response on this, but no response on whether there has been an arrest made, as alleged by “Dave the neighbor” on 9/18? Is that true? Did the police make an arrest?

  10. I hate the fact anytime someone of color is killed ppeople assume it’s gang related. Even if it is it does not give someone the right to take someone else’s life. Life is valuable and gangs are not a greatest thing but for some people thats the only life they know and for people to act as if it’s ok for gang members to die because they are in a gang they are wrong because they are human and people who lose them never become the same again. I have lost many friends and family to gang related crimes and it’s disrespectful to act like no big deal that a gang member dies and if you feel like that it’s not ok for you to comment on here saying that put yourself in others shoes before saying rude and disrespectful things on here. I hope the family and friends of this man get through this with their heads up high even though it won’t be easy.

    1. I agree with you. The press and police don’t care when a local kid dies. When the Hells Angels guy was shot, also a gang member, also on Treat. the entire city stood up in shock. We had police RVs here 24/7. It’s a complete double standard. That’s why it’s important to stand up for kids like Chuyito. He didn’t deserve to die and he should not be forgotten.

  11. Its really sad to hear what happened to this guy, he was really young and got mixed up in a really bad situation. Me being a stay at home mom and knowing what its like to live in the area I know exactly what type of people live/hang out there, nothing good comes from those people none of them work or go to school. Its all a life of crime I know this for a fact, it doesn’t take a genius to see that. The police would catch so many of these punks but its due to bad timing right after some drugs are sold or a shooting that’s when a police strolls by but misses it. A lot of people see things around here but are too scared to say anything I wish we had some help with that id do my part in helping out to make this a safe neighborhood again for families.

  12. Supposedly the shooter got caught. It was indeed one of the Pacific Islander guys that hangs out on 26th between Folsom and 26th. He shot the guy over some transgression with a girl, then ran inside, changed his shirt, and came out again and hung out in the crowd. Arrested this morning.

    1. Hurray for the Police! Great job if they really did track the guy down.

      stupid idiots with guns deserve to go to jail.

    2. Is there any confirmation of this? Mission Local doesn’t seem to be able to do any follow-up reporting (hey Mission Local — how about a follow up?) and the Captain hasn’t reported it.

    1. Why don’t you stop making assumptions about the people who are saying that they want shootings in the Mission to stop? I’ve lived here a long time, and what I see is young Latino men getting shot and killed, mostly by other young Latino men. I want everyone to be safe in the Mission, whether they’ve been here a long time or not, Latino or not. Isn’t this what everyone wants? However, there are no cops around and visible. That should change.

      1. There isn’t enough money to hire more police. The answer has to come from within the [Mission] community. If the community is willing to solve it.

    2. I’ve lived here nearly my life. I’m raising my family here.
      I don’t want ANYONE to get shot. It’s not a race thing, or a gang thing. I’ve seen too many dead bodies here. Too many tears. It’s wrong and it needs to stop.

  13. Stop assuming and racial profiling u guys are not a gang member but I have lived here my whole life! It’s people like u the cops should kick out the mission!!! R.i.p chuy!!!!

    1. Really? People who call it like they see it? They should be kicked out of the Mission? The productive, stand up people? They should go so the gangbangers can have the ‘hood? Great. Let’s let the Mission turn into El Salvador. Please!

      1. I am from El Salvador and grew up there and in The Mission. I take great offense to this comment. What may be a joke or a generalization to you can really hurt someone else. Are you intimately familiar with El Salvador? How about The Mission? Clearly the answer to both these rhetorical questions is “no. ” Perhaps you should take your xenophobia elsewhere. And, the person who committed the crime was not Latino.

    2. agreed police don’t do anything anyway but terrorize the streets more than they help I understand you all might be worried about your kids but look at the bigger picture this man didn’t ask to be killed by the park on a nice sunday afternoon the shooter decided to kill him there so thats who you should be mad at not the victim man where are people hearts and brains now and days

      1. Really? That’s all the police do? because I don’t see any deaths happening lately in the Mission because of SFPD. I only see homicides being committed by ‘gang-related” activities. Its “guys from the neighborhood” doing the killing and getting killed. Why are you ok with that?

        However, if the police weren’t so absent, maybe there wouldn’t be quite so many people hanging out on the street feeling like they were free to brandish weapons.

        1. don’t twist my words never once did I say I was okay with what was going I’m saying your acting as if the police are saints that help everyone out because when you look a certain way the police have their mind made up about before even knowing you the police are not arund because this is what they want they are happy that this is going on

  14. There were children in the Garfield playground when this happened – it was 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday! My own daughters were 100 yards away playing in the soccer field.The SFPD needs to park a cop right in front of the gang members that congregate all day on 26th between Treat and Folsom, and get them to go inside. I care less about these gang members’ civil rights than I care about the safety of children in the playground.

    1. Agreed!
      And if everyone was “wearing red hats” we can even guess which gang they were.

      crush the gangs.

      More cops, and they should be allowed to search people dressed in gang colors and arrest them if they are carrying a gun. That was a good idea. too bad the gang-apologist shot that idea down.

      1. so basically you’re saying it should be okay to stop and harass anyone wearing red or blue? try having the police drive up, jump out on you, throw you up against a wall, tear through your pockets & even grab your nuts all because you look a certain way, or because of your skin color or the color of your hat… try even having that happen to you once & see how that feels, then imagine it happening to you every day on your way home, even when you’ve never done anything wrong. It’s a good thing they stopped that “Stop & Frisk” bullcrap.

        1. Honestly, if I have to be stopped & frisked every day, it would be better than having people get killed in broad daylight in front of my kids. As a European American, who doesn’t wear colors, I should expect to be stopped as much as anyone else. I’m totally ok with that for a while if it means these daytime shootings will stop.

        2. They tend to rough you up if you resist. Right now, gangs enjoy free reign over the streets of our city at night. Enjoy your crime-ridden neighborhood.

    1. The insensitivity of your comment astonishes me. This is a human life we are talking about. A human life that was ended far too early. It has nothing to do with you and your fucking office job. No information has been released on the deceased and yet, it seems that most of the comments on this page have already written him off as another gang member who got what was coming to him. As someone who knew the deceased I am deeply offended. Shame on you.

      1. So tell us, M Cas, what a great guy your pal Jesus Solis was. Clearly he ticked someone off bad enough that the person started shooting when the park was full of children.

        1. So you are blaming the victim for the ignorance and recklessness of his killer? I don’t need to sit here and defend his reputation to you but what I do feel the need to do is to ask you to please not belittle a victim you have absolutely no information on or connection to because his family and friends are hurting right now.

          1. M Cas Im pretty sure if you really knew Jesus you know he was a gangmember from LNS (norteño) i knew him as well his fam everybody knows he used to gangbang and thts the outcome of being a thug sorry for his fam but im pretty sure he didnt care about his fam when he got jumped into the gang!

  15. “Young men wearing red caps stood on the east side of Treat Ave., across the street from Garfield Square. . .”

    The west side of Treat is “across the street from Garfield Square” *not* the east side.

  16. Please remove my entire comments from the homicide story.
    Since I probably did get the name wrong; I’m requesting that my entire post be removed.

    1. Ive lived here all my life on 26th and folsom and shootings are a common occurrence. Really it is all about the NARCOTIC CONTROL OVER THE TERRITORY. Cant play with fire for too long cuz then you vet burnt. Not saying it is ok for this to happen but if you choose a lifestyle and break the rules you will face the consequences. Unfortunate really. But it is a really nice area if you are a known face ive never been looked at sideways ive always kept to myself if you mind your own business you wont have Any problems.

  17. I’m guessing she was yelling for her brother “Chuey” rather than her brother “Chewy”, or even “Chewie”, unless her brother was 7 ft tall and covered in hair. I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure though.

      1. There are a lot of comments here that are so insensitive. I was close to Chuy and his family. He was a good guy and his family are hard working good people. My 1 year old daughter adored him and he was always quick to dance and play with her. He was only 20 years old. Chuy would have not wanted anything to happen to any children, this I know. I agree that we need more safety measures in the neighborhood but me being of white skin color and the father of my children brown, I have witnessed first hand how I can were red or blue and not worry and he can not only because of his skin color. I would not have to worry about police frisking me, he would. Being present when unjust frisking has taken place I know the shame that is felt. Chuy will be greatly missed by me, my family and many more who knew him. PS- I send much love to his family and friends xoxoxo.