Chocolate Coconut Banana Cream Takes the Cake at Pie Contest

second place placeThis creamy lemon buttermilk chess pie from baker Maggie Engretson made its way out of the 'cream' category and into the final judging for second prize. Photo by Jessica Naudziunas.

The restaurants on 18th Street between Dolores and Guerrero offered up the best of their best eats for the bi-annual Party on Block 18 this Saturday. The outdoor party raised money to benefit 826 Valencia, the Women’s Building, Nextcourse, Buen Dia Family School, Holy Family Day Home and 18 Reasons.

Hosted by Bi-Rite Market, the event featured white tents where local eateries such as Delfina, Bi-Rite Creamery and Namu Gaji served their specialties. The sweetest event, a pie contest, was held inside at 18 Reasons.

The pie-tin showdown brought dozens of spectators, who waited silently for the final scores for more than 10 pies to to roll in. The rules were simple: bake a pie that could be served cold or at room temperature, and don’t show up with pie in hand if you’re really a professional baker. This amateurs-only contest brought in $20 per pie for charity, plus the earnings from the post-contest auction, where each pie was auctioned off by the slice.

Mission Local stopped by the contest and took some photos; click through the ones above to see the winners and listen to your stomach rumble.

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