Mayor Ditches Stop-and-Frisk Plan

Last month we mentioned that despite community backlash, Mayor Ed Lee was still committed to a stop-and-frisk policy that would allow police officers to search individuals they deem suspicious, a policy that’s been associated with racial profiling.

Today the Chronicle reports that the mayor ditched the plan in favor of one that would stop gun violence by using targeted police enforcement, crime-tracking software and increased participation by religious ministers. From the article:

[Police Chief Greg] Suhr said enforcement will be targeted, unlike New York City’s version of stop and frisk. “It will not be random,” he said. “It will be focused.”

Suhr said the department will focus on “predictive policing,” in which law enforcement officials use Web-based, real-time crime data to predict where the next outburst of gun violence will occur.

The third piece of Lee’s new plan includes using ministers as liaisons between informants and police. They will publicize and formalize a practice they’ve long been using in which they’ll take firearms or crime tips to the police, no questions asked.

Read more at the Chronicle.

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  1. Pamela

    If stop & frisk had been done in the last week, 6 San Franciscans would be alive, even though this particular group probably would have been picked up evenutally by SFPD for criminal activity. It is still is a good idea to get criminals/guns off the street. Hope Mayor Lee keeps up his campaign.

  2. SafeStreets

    stop and frisk is a good idea! We need to get those gangbangers off the streets. join a gang, carry a gun, and go to jail.

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